ConfirmIT v1.0 launches!

After months of brainstorming, coding, testing and refactoring, we’re proud to announce the release of ConfirmIt, a jQuery plugin. This plugin allows you to add confirmation prompts on buttons, links, forms and browser windows with the least amount of code possible.

See the ConfirmIt Showcase for examples of usage and a downloadable source files.

This project was coauthored by yours truly and John Pencola, author of Liquid Language. It’s our way of giving back to the open source community and also a chance to view coding from a different perspective. We tried to anticipate the various scenarios that programmers would use this plugin to make an API that is both simple and flexible.

We are very eager to get feedback on this plugin. Please try it out and let us know what you think.

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3 Responses to ConfirmIT v1.0 launches!

  1. Jesse Voogt says:

    I noticed the plugin uses the DOMNodeInserted event if the “live” option is true. I did a little googling and found is not supported by IE7 or IE8, and is apparently buggy in IE9. And the following makes for interesting reading:

    I’d avoid this event – why not bind directly to the click event using jQuery’s own ‘live’ method? Based on my research on the live method, it should work find with standard events like “click”.

    … After some testing, I also found that the “live” option doesn’t work in Firefox (or IE for that matter) for this plugin. The code that checks the ‘live’ option is in an init function that only fires if there is at least one element on the stage that matches the selection at the time confirmIt is called. I suggest removing this option altogether and instead having it be possible to use the built-in jQuery ‘live’ method to bind current and future elements:

    $(‘.confirmit’).live(‘click’, function (event) {$(this).confirmIt({ triggerNow: true, event:event })});

  2. John Pencola says:

    :D Awww yea! This was a lot of fun to be a part of, great concept Steve! For those who want to view ConfirmIt’s Github project page, go here:

    And for some extra fun, check out the evolution of ConfirmIt up to the 1st release! (HTML5 video capable browsers only :P)

    As Steve said, we’re looking forward to input!

  3. John Pencola says:


    Very helpful, thanks for your input! The simple answer is that the implementation of the “live” option in ConfirmIt (as of v1.0), is incomplete. In fact, I probably should have left it out for this release. But, l’ll follow up with Steve so we can decide on a design for it moving forward.

    I was on the fence to begin with on if and how we should support the notion of “live” style programming, either the jQuery way or by other means, hence the consistency of the option name with jQuery’s live binding. If you take a look at the “showcase” page here:

    You’ll see how it’s really being done; simple, intuitive and leaves behind the trade-offs of inconsistent browser support and jQuery bugs. Personally I’d like to see this become the de-facto way we require developers to instantiate elements that are inserted into the DOM, but Steve and I will need to noodle it and come to a conclusion.

    I’d like to get your opinion, as a developer using this plugin. Would the showcase implementation suit you? How important and how easy would a “live” feature in ConfirmIt be to you in comparison?

    Thanks again!

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