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Pros and Cons of MVC Html Helpers

I’ve spoken of the dangers of becoming reliant on a framework, but in this post I am specifically targeting the ASP.NET MVC Frameworks Html Helpers. At a high level, most of these pros and cons are true for ASP.NET WebForms, … Continue reading

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MVC Data modelling revisited

I had a eureka moment in the shower. First off, no one says eureka, so maybe it was a “Great Scott” moment or just a “holy $#!+” moment. Can’t really be sure. In my last post on the topic of … Continue reading

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MVC Patterns vs. Practicalities

I’m relatively new to both the .NET MVC framework and the MVC concept as a whole. It is a deceptively simple pattern when you first hear the elevator speach and see the simple diagram: It’s so easy. Your html goes … Continue reading

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