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The ObjectContext instance has been disposed and can no longer be used for operations that require a connection.

If you are using Entity Framework, this is one of the most common and often misleading errors you will see. There are several possible explanations for this error that may lie in the code or in the database. Here are … Continue reading

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Fun With Data Annotations

I’ve been using Data Annotations recently. For those of you outside the .NET world, Data Annotations are Attributes that bind validation and display rules to your model properties. Some examples of basic validation annotations would be Required StringLength Range DataType … Continue reading

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Is Web Unit Testing A Waste Of Time?

I first heard about unit testing as a government requirement for certain applications. They ask a simple question: Do you employ unit testing (Yes/No)? There was a minimum amount of code, just enough to check “yes” and move on. I … Continue reading

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