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ConfirmIT v1.0 launches!

After months of brainstorming, coding, testing and refactoring, we’re proud to announce the release of ConfirmIt, a jQuery plugin. This plugin allows you to add confirmation prompts on buttons, links, forms and browser windows with the least amount of code … Continue reading

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Form submit confirmation made easy with jQuery

Say you have a form which executes an irreversible action like deleting a large data set. You want to add a confirmation prompt to make sure the user is fully aware of what they are about to do. Maybe there’s … Continue reading

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Jquery fix ASP.Net MVC checkbox “true,false” value

Update: After implementing this fix into my application, I discovered a vast performance hit on a page that contained hundreds of checkboxes. Due to that issue and general concerns about manipulating the form, I have opted to simply not use … Continue reading

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