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Pros and Cons of MVC Html Helpers

I’ve spoken of the dangers of becoming reliant on a framework, but in this post I am specifically targeting the ASP.NET MVC Frameworks Html Helpers. At a high level, most of these pros and cons are true for ASP.NET WebForms, … Continue reading

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Do Certifications Make Better Web Developers?

I recently got the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) cert in Web Development. The exam focuses on the innards of the .NET Framework, but also touches on some high level topics like architecture and requirements gathering. Now the exam questions … Continue reading

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MVC Patterns vs. Practicalities

I’m relatively new to both the .NET MVC framework and the MVC concept as a whole. It is a deceptively simple pattern when you first hear the elevator speach and see the simple diagram: It’s so easy. Your html goes … Continue reading

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